Did you know up to 34% of users can sign up with you by simply having a well-organized photography website that suits their needs? There are many statistics online about the importance of creating websites and tailoring them to make the user experience exciting.

Having a photography website offers your brand credibility, increases customer engagement, markets you, and is likely to increase sales. Dive in to see what makes this an invaluable tool for your business.

Why Does a Photographer Need a Website?

Social media sites offer excellent opportunities to market your photography business. But if you plan to make it a full-time job, then building your reputation using only platforms you don’t possess or have control over won’t get you as far.

So, what benefits does a photography website have to offer you?


There are numerous photographers available. Getting a website increases your credibility to your target audience. A potential client will consider other photographers with a website more professional and legitimate than you if you lack one.

You Call the Shots on Your Website

When a person visits your Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook page, or any other social network, there are lots of posts by other businesses and people that can derail them from your services. Photography websites allow owners to enjoy a non-competitive space giving them the ability to showcase their best works with ease.

Websites with a high loading speed, well-organized pictures and products, and everything in place and looking on point are likely to give you a better result and the majority of your internet traffic.

Attract Lots of Clients Ready to Invest

Unlike social media pages, where there are many non-converting visitors, websites offer better chances of conversion. Answer every question visitors might have with blog articles or web pages. Entertain your audience, educate them, sell your stories, serve them, and you will reap more from your efforts.

Improves Your Authority in Online Searches

When a potential client seeks a wedding photographer or portrait photographer within your locality, is your social media presence enough for you to rank highly? Not likely! Being in a competitive field, you want to try out anything that can make you succeed.

And it isn’t a thing you are likely to achieve in a day or two. So, the quicker you can establish yourself, the better! Blogging and optimizing web pages using search engine optimization secures your position.

A Way to Build Your Email List

While there are numerous ways to sell your photography business, email remains one of the best. One successful email subscriber might be able to attract several social media followers. But of course, this only holds if you keep giving your email subscribers a treat rather than sending them some boring monthly or weekly newsletters.

Your photography website is an excellent weapon that can help you to grow your email list. You can offer fantastic opt-ins like checklists and eBooks to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. This way, you can keep talking to visitors who found your work interesting enough to sign up for your emails.

More Marketing Avenues for Your Photography Business

Besides a website offering you a primary means to market yourself, you can use additional marketing tools like the Facebook pixel. With this code on your website, you get to collect data to track your conversions from Facebook ads.

Facebook pixel also permits you to optimize ads, have a customer base to show ads in the future, and remarkets to anyone who visited your website sometime.

Offers a Quick Way to Showcase to Potential Clients

You want to ensure potential clients can access you with ease. Offering your business card and a long link to a Facebook page may not be so professional. Worse still, you may not even have a business card.

Links to websites are short and easy to remember and are a great way to ease your marketing efforts when selling to new clientele.

Your friends, family, acquaintances, and previous customers also need something simple as they assist you with referrals.

Why Is it Necessary to Have a Website?

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While offering you credibility, a website also gives your brand a sense of belonging and a more professional look. It provides a quick way to inform your target market about upcoming events, discounted prices, and more.

With a website, you can include any information you deem essential to avoid a tedious and time-wasting experience of your team answering client phone calls.

What’sWhat’s more, a website offers you organic traffic, increases your leads, and is an excellent digital marketing method.

What Websites Do Photographers Use?

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Not all website builders are suitable for photographers. Depending on the features you want and your budget, here are some of the best website builders to consider.


Thanks to its inexpensive premium plans and easy-to-use design, Squarespace is one the most popular website builders for photographers, and the platform is relatively easy to use. Even the cheapest month plan offers unlimited storage, which is very handy when keeping many large-sized, high-resolution photos.


Being able to help you straight off the bat is one of the reasons many photographers love SmugMug. The builder allows the creation of customized prices, charging per photo download, and selling prints and gifts without the need for additional integrations.


Wix’s services offer you a quick and effortless way to get started. Though not built with the photographer at the forefront, it has over 500 customizable templates, with 30 of them specifically for photographers.


The stylishness and simplicity of setting up a photography portfolio with Duda are refreshing, though at a slightly high price hence not for the budget-tied photographer.


Though a bit lacking in the design aspects compared to other options, SITE123 offers an acceptable solution. It makes up for the limited flexibility with the simplicity to design and impressive customer support.


Weebly is one of the most budget-friendly photography website builders. However, it may not have the sleekest or most flexible designs, but it’s a great solution if you don’t mind these.


The WordPress.com website builder is one of best options for photography portfolios, because, unlike the other sites mentioned above, you actually own the website files. This means you are free to move the site to any web host that you want. No one can take your site away from you if you are deemed to break any rules.  WordPress is easily the world’s most popular website building platform. The plethora of plugins that have been built for WordPress by thousands of developers, means it is easy to expand functionality of your site without requiring any coding skills, or having to hire a coder. This is why we have chosen to offer WordPress websites to our own clients.

Conclusion: Are Websites Really Necessary?

Although your photography website might have some upfront costs, you can recoup and earn a lot more money with proper organization and skills.

Photographers with great websites typically get a higher fee compared to those lacking one. This isn’t simply because of the professionalism or credibility portrayed. Such individuals are more likely to attract clients that immensely value photography and hence likely to earn better.


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