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Excellent photography websites vary in appearance and style. But the three most important aspects are:

  • A comprehensive gallery
  • An impressive about us/ me page
  • A well-laid contact us/ me page

Using SEO strategies while determining your website’s key things, you can attract more potential customers and hopefully better your income.

Let’s see how to go about structuring your photography website.

What Should a Photography Website Include?

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Besides the three essentials above, you may include more tabs, pages, apps, and features like a photography blog, testimonials, pricing, and anything you consider necessary. Let’s look at some of the must-haves of your photography portfolio.

About Section

The about me/ us section offers an excellent opportunity to make a good first impression! Customers want to determine what type of person or team they will invite to their homes to spend the birthday party or capture the once-in-a-lifetime wedding day photos.

Clients desire to hang out with a relatable photographer. Instead of telling them how much you love photography, write something unique and intriguing. Write a list of fun facts about you or tweak it to suit the experiences typical with your target customer base.

Contact Page

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Your contact page should be effortless to use and functioning yet still with adequate details. It is best to test your site monthly by sending yourself feedback to confirm that it functions well. You don’t want potential contacts to forward emails that disappear, and you never get to see them.

If you are uncomfortable using your phone number, use a “business” contact number from Skype or Google to forward it to your personal contact at a small fee. Moreover, you can add a “contact” button across your web pages to ease navigation. This way, it’s easy for your potential clients to navigate and directly access the section.


While this seems obvious, many photographers fail to give it much thought. You should outline your location well within your website. Individuals want to confirm they are looking for photographers within their area.

Social Media Integration

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Although photography websites provide an all-around location to save images, connect with potential customers, and advertise your best work, it’s best to consider that some individuals are more active on social media networks. Make sure your website has several social media links that can quickly redirect visitors to your other accounts.

Creating a Great Photography Site

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How you organize your photos and information and how much you provide users affects your website’s quality.

Themed Galleries

Rather than having a single gallery section, split it up using themes or industry. This way, you make your site user-friendly.

Your photo galleries become easier to navigate and digest. Some users understand what they need. Lead them directly without sifting through lots of unnecessary content.

Use Your Best Pictures

In the website galleries, you want only your best. More so, if your photography website is your portfolio, short and sweet gives a lasting impression than intensive yet average.

Goal Prioritization

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Smart web designers structure their sites to impact visitor decisions and even promote sales. But before attaining such goals, determine your priorities.

Is your photography website aiming to attract new customers, sell prints, showcase your portfolio to prospective clients? The importance attached to various goals determines the most suitable web design strategies your company should employ.

Have Adequate Contact Information

While this sounds obvious, every photography business needs adequate contact information on their website. Hiring a stranger from the internet is nerve-wracking. With your phone number or social media feed with a huge following, you can attract more potential customers as they perceive there is little for concern.

Use SEO Strategies


One of the essential SEO keywords, if you want to stay ahead of other local photographers, is your location. Including your city, state/ province, county, and favorite hang-out place enable local people to access your site with ease.

Include your specialization too. For instance, if you are a wedding photographer, have wedding-related keywords whenever possible.

Blog posts give you more opportunities to target your audience using search engine optimization. Blogging with optimized articles is one of the steps needed to appear more in search results more, increase the time readers spend on your website, and potentially improve sales.

No Watermarks on Photos!

For images where visual flow is crucial, watermarks are a major distraction. Including watermarks only undermines your efforts as you try to showcase your skills to potential clients.

Although you may think a watermark offers image security, anyone who wants to steal them will do so unless you position your watermarks at the center. So, there is no need.

What Is the Best Photograph Site?

There are lots of amazing photography websites around. What you need to consider when selecting your best website is the overall layout besides the particular niche. Do you want real estate photos, party pictures, product images?

So, the outlook, resources available, and intent of the user go hand in hand. Some of the best include Bottle Bell Photography, East Photographic, and Jason Bell.

Should a Wedding Photographer Have a Website?

Just like any other business, there is a lot you stand to gain by investing in a good photography website. A website acts as an excellent marketing tool and might be the best way to present your portfolio to soon-to-be clients.

Having a photography website may aid in avoiding copyright infringement. You get to organize, shape, promote, and sell your photos to a wider customer base.

It also ensures you look more professional and credible. Other benefits you gain from having a website are:

  • It offers a quick method to make announcements and update your clients.
  • It improves your customer service and minimizes time to answer some simple questions.
  • It is an excellent digital marketing tool and provides you with organic traffic and more leads.

Closing Remarks

Not only do you need a photography website, but also one that stands out from the rest. The secret to better performance is in the details. Avoid any mistake, especially on your landing page.

And you don’t need lots of cash to pay a web designer. With a few tutorials and budget-friendly photography website builders like Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, you are good.

Irrespective of the website builder you choose, following these simple web design tips is a great strategy to optimize your photography website.


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