If you mean will your website automatically rank in the search engines once it is launched, the honest answer is…”it depends”! Search engine ranking doesn’t only depend on what you do with your website, but it also depends on what the competition is doing to rank their own sites. If there is a lot of competition, as there is likely to be in really large cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc., then your chances of ranking outside of the box diminish quite a bit. If you are in a small town or city where you only have a handful of real estate photographer competitors, then your chances of ranking will increase. We include our own proprietary SEO Boost at no extra charge when we launch your website. This is designed to give your rankings for both your website and your Google My Business listing, if you have one, a nice little kickstart, and you should start to see some rankings showing up in Google within the week. Of course we can’t guarantee it, but at the time of writing, we haven’t built a website that hasn’t achieved this target.

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