RE Photo Scheduler
Designed by a Real Estate Photographer
for Real Estate Photographers

When it comes to real estate photography, you’re going to make more money when you are behind the camera than when you are answering the phone and taking orders. That was the case for us too, so we needed to come up with a solution that allowed clients to have a seamless way of creating bookings online and have everything work together – right from taking payment, to selecting available days and times, and all the way to receiving confirmation messages via email and SMS messages.

We tried many solutions, but nothing really worked the way we wanted them, so we’d have to compromise on our desires, which ultimately meant at some point somebody had to get on the phone to speak with prospective clients and walk them through the bookings. All of this was costing us precious time, and sometimes money when the clients simply gave up trying and went elsewhere. We knew that we had to do something!

Introducing the ADM RE Photo Scheduler

We have been using the ADM RE Photo Scheduler in our business for some time now, and it works flawlessly. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single photographer company, or if you have multiple photographers that you are scheduling for, ADM RE Photo Scheduler will work for you and your business. And best of all, this tool is absolutely FREE when you purchase a real estate photography website from us.

Our staff will do the initial set up for you, and then you will be shown how to manage the tool, so that you can add/remove staff members, add/remove services, offer add-on services if you wish, and how to set up your confirmation messages and reminders that can be sent to your photographer, your client and even the homeowner if you wish. It’s all there! Choose whether to let clients create bookings without upfront payment, or you can get them to pay you via PayPal or credit card at the time of booking. The choice is yours!

So how do you get started?

Simply fill in the form here, and give us the basic information that we need to start the installation. Once we have add the form to your site, there will be some additional information that we require to complete the set-up, e.g. how do you wish to get paid, your Google Calendar access details, etc. The final step would be to schedule a one-to-one training session via Zoom, so we can show you how to add new services, change prices, etc., and then answer questions that you have.

That is it! We want to get you set up as quickly as possible, so the sooner you fill in the form, the sooner we will be able to get started!