The life blood of any successful real estate photography business is being able to continuously attract new clients


The real estate photography profession is very competitive, with new photographers turning to this niche every day. The competition is so fierce that photographers are turning to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to attract new clients for their real estate photography business, while others have turned their attention towards blogging as a way of getting noticed by potential clients who might not currently be actively searching for real estate photography services at the moment but would still benefit from them when they do need it. So how can you stand out online and make prospective clients aware of your services? This is a commonly asked question by many new real estate photographers, so in this article, we shall discuss six methods that real estate photographers can use to attract new clients online. We will also provide specific examples and tips for each strategy that can help make the process easier.

social media is a great way to advertise your real estate photography business


1) Take Advantage of Social Media

There is no better way to get potential clients than via social media, especially with over 800 million monthly active users it is the best place to post your real estate photos and attract new clients. One thing to consider when setting up your social media accounts is that your branding should be consistent. That way, when people see your real estate photography posts on different platforms, they will always tie them back to your company. Branding is an essential part of any business no matter how big or small it may be. Small business owners must focus on branding from the start as a part of their marketing strategy.

The most popular social media sites for real estate photographers are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – all of which can help generate leads with the right strategy in place! You should also consider Pinterest because it’s an excellent platform for visual content in the form of images.

A significant benefit of social media is that it provides a free platform to market your real estate photography business. You can also use social media to build business relationships with potential clients and other industry professionals, which will help you get more referrals down the road!

You can also take advantage of social media’s paid advertising opportunities to generate leads. Facebook and Instagram offer various advertising options, including boosting your posts to reach more people or targeting specific audiences with ads based on their interests!


“Another excellent approach to social media is to create something unusual or viral. No one is going to repost your real estate photos. But they could repost an amazing behind-the-scenes video or beautiful drone footage”1


Many photographers will offer free photographs to promote their real estate photography business

2) Offer Free Real Estate Photos

Sometimes all it takes is the offer of one free photoshoot to grab the attention of prospects in need of real estate photography services. The best way to do this is by posting the offer of a free real estate photoshoot on your website, on your Facebook page, and inside your Instagram account! You can also post about it in local real estate groups or other industry-specific forums online that you’re active in.


“…when you contact a potential client to offer a ‘free trial’, you can send them your price sheet as well, and make it clear that $XYZ is what you would charge if they like the work you do on your trial job”2


Many will advise against giving away free services, but the reality is that it’s a great way to get your name out there and attract new clients. If your photographs are of excellent quality, then real estate agents will be more likely to want you as their photographer for future listings. If they are part of a brokerage, then there is a good chance that they will recommend you to their colleagues at work when they are asked who took their photographs.

Another great place to offer free photoshoots is at open houses in your area. This will help you get to know the agents in your area and build your network. The beauty of open houses is that they have already been cleaned up and are often staged for you. A staged home will make your real estate photographs stand out. A real estate agent might become your client just because they saw your ad at the open house. Offering your services for free will give you more exposure to the members of the real estate industry. Your business will be recognized through word of mouth which might result in a conversion.


Getting your Google My Business Listing ranking on the first page of the search engines can help bring new customers to your real estate photography business


3) Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a free service from Google that allows you to create a business listing on their website. The main benefits of having your GMB are:

  • You can update it with the latest information about what’s happening in and around our company.
  • It will show up as an authoritative source for people searching online, which means more traffic from this channel to your website.
  • If your Google My Business listing shows up in a keyword search, it will display your phone number, so people can call without even visiting your website.
  • Another benefit of putting effort into optimizing your Google My Business listing is that it displays your customer reviews. This is a great way to show prospective clients that you have satisfied customers and they can trust your work!

Optimize your Google My Business listing properly and try to get it to rank on the first page of Google for your most important keywords. Usually, that keyword would be your home city plus ‘real estate photographer’ or some combination of those keywords or something similar. A Google My Business page 1 ranking can be gold to a real estate photographer, so if you can’t rank it yourself, it might be an excellent investment to hire a professional SEO company’s services.


The first impression potential clients will get of your real estate photography business is your website, so it needs to be professional to ensure a good first impression


4) Create a Professional Looking Real Estate Photographer Website

For real estate photographers, a professional-looking website is a must. Offering a service like photography, which is very visual, means that prospective clients have very high expectations from you, and you need to create a great first impression. If your website looks amateur and cheap, then you will not be taken seriously. This page’s design also has an essential role in how visitors perceive you, so make sure you create a great first impression and let the prospective client know that they’re dealing with a professional who takes pride in what they are showing to the world. Your website will host many portfolios of your real estate photo shoots. Ensure the image you put on display are your best work, this will help clients gauge your experience and skill. You can also include the type of equipment you use, types of real estate photography you offer such as drone photography or 360 photography, the cost for different jobs as money is a significant part as well.


“You could also offer a ‘post-processing only’ package a service for realtors who are short on time but want magazine quality images.”3


To get started, you’ll need to purchase your domain name. Try to make sure the domain reflects your business name, is short and easy to remember. The shorter the domain name, the easier it will be to remember, and it will offer fewer opportunities for spelling mistakes.

Many site builder companies like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly allow you to create a good-looking site very easily. You will have to pay them a monthly or annual fee to use their site builder, but the payoff is that they offer some charming professional-looking templates that you can set up and build yourself without any web design skills. The downside of building your site with these companies is that you don’t own the site. Once you stop paying them for any reason, they will take the site down. Secondly, if these companies feel that you have violated their terms, you don’t have the opportunity to take your site to a different host. They will cancel your account and take down your website.

If you want to have more control over your site, and if the idea of paying a monthly fee for hosting doesn’t bother you too much, then we would recommend you (or get a professional to) build a site that you own outright and can host with any company that you choose. That way, if you’re unhappy with your current hosting company, you can move your site to another.

There are many content management systems for building out websites, but our favorite is WordPress. WordPress is free to use. It has a massive community of developers and designers who create plugins specifically for it that can do anything from adding social media buttons on your site’s sidebar or automatically updating the weather in real-time. Adding new features to your site should be relatively inexpensive as they don’t have to be built from scratch most of the time.

Once your website has been built out and goes online, even if it doesn’t immediately rank in the search engines, you can still attract new clients online. Make sure you add your website address in your email signature, adding it to your business card, and then insert it into paid marketing campaigns such as postcards or online advertising, e.g., Facebook ads. You can also collect the email addresses of visitors with the intent of sending them a newsletter every week.

NOTE: Your website must be mobile-friendly, so you can attract potential buyers who are browsing from their phone or tablet while out in public spaces like coffee shops, restaurants, and parks.


If you want to get free traffic to your real estate photography website there is no better than organically ranking your website and getting on page 1 of Google


5) Organically Rank Your Website

Most people who are looking for a local business online use Google as their search engine of choice. That means, if you want your website to rank in Google, the content on your website must be relevant and highly focused on the keywords that you wish to rank for. It would be impossible to tell you exactly how to rank your website in Google in this short article, but if you feel like taking on the challenge yourself, you can find more information on how to do so by visiting YouTube offers many videos of varying subjects, including search engine optimization.

As busy real estate photographers, it is best to focus on improving your photography skills, building your brand, and leaving your website’s ranking to SEO professionals.


Paid online advertising is a great way to attract new client


6) Paid Online Advertising

Many real estate agents forego ranking their websites and instead prefer to promote them by paying for advertising inside Google’s Adwords pay-per-click platform or Facebook Ads. The benefit of doing this is that your ads will immediately be seen by your prospects, whereas it takes time to rank a website organically. With paid advertising, you can highly target the right audience in the right locations so you can ensure that only those who are located in your local vicinity or the areas that you photograph in can see your ads. That way, you are not wasting advertising dollars in the regions you are not interested in finding new customers.

The downside to this is that paid advertising can expensive, and you have no control over exactly who sees or clicks on them. So on occasion, this could be your local competitors who have no interest in hiring you and are simply trying to make you waste your marketing dollars. So it’s vital that you keep a close eye on your ads’ performance and that you turn them off if it’s starting to get too expensive and you’re not getting phone calls from those who want to book you.



So to sum up this article, there are many ways for you to attract customers online. The key is to find the strategy that works best for you and your business. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is affordable and effective in attracting new clients! Your real estate property photos are the most significant factor in attracting clients. You can use the strategies mentioned above to market your portfolio, also remember customer service plays a vital role in getting clients to return to you as well as recommend you to others.

A clever marketer will always measure the return on investment of their marketing efforts, and you must do so as well. If something you’ve tried isn’t working, then don’t keep trying to flog a dead horse and try something new. The real estate photography business has grown competitive and you must use many marketing strategies to promote your photography business if you wish your photography business to succeed.


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