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We want to help you make a great first impression –
one that tells agents that you are a photographer
that they NEED to work with!

Designed By A Real Estate Photographer For Real Estate Photographers!


Your website should be a lot more than just an online brochure that you send people to
– it should be a tool that attracts potential customers automatically!

It’s a sad fact that the majority of websites that have been built are nowhere to be found on the search engines for the  site  owners’ main keywords they should be targeting to ensure that they are found online by prospective customers.  There are many reasons why this is the case, but one of the main reasons is that most websites are not built to rank in the search engines – they are built to look good. Search engine ranking are simply an after-thought!

Well, that is about to change for real estate photographers who choose to purchase their websites from us! When it comes to the sites we build for our clients, we want them to both look good, and rank highly in the search engines without too much effort. Now, of course we can’t guarantee to rank for every keyword your site probably should be ranking for immediately, but on average we have found that our sites rank on page 1 for around 20 keywords immediately.


Unlike other website designers we don’t just build you a good looking website and then
leave you to your own devices. We really want to be a big part of your success.
So the websites that we create take into consideration all of the cities you wish to
carry out business in… and then we build the site so it IMMEDIATELY ranks inside
the search engines for at least some of those target cities before you even have to consider
paying for Search Engine Optimization.

So let’s consider your options

So you’re ready to step up your game, right? You want a website that doesn’t only look professional and show you off to be the professional that you are, but you also don’t want to break the bank when it comes the cost of building the site and getting it to rank inside the search engines. Are we on the same page?

Option 1

Sure, you can get some pretty nice websites from some of the big name website builder companies out there, and they usually come at an affordable price. But there are two questions you need to ask yourself. First of all, are those websites easy to rank? Secondly, when you stop paying each month, do you get to keep the site? You’ll normally find the answer to both questions is ‘No’!

Option 2

You want something more custom that fits your brand and personality, so you spend weeks searching for and interviewing different designers before hiring one that you feel is best equipped to serve your needs. After a month or so you’re finally happy with  how the site looks and you’re ready to launch it. A week later you do a search on Google and your website is nowhere to be seen.

But wait…there is a 3rd option for you to consider…
You Can Choose To Get One Of Our Fully Customized, SEO-Friendly Websites

Our real estate photographer websites are built with the goal of ranking quickly in the search engines so these sites can be found online by prospective clients. All you need to do is tell us exactly what you want, and our team of designers and developers will take care of everything for you. Where the ADM real estate photographer websites really stand out on their own is that they are built to target ALL of the cities that a photographer is targeting, and not a small generic site that is aimed at trying to rank you for your main home city. There is a huge difference, as most real estate photographer don’t usually just stay close to home when it comes to taking on new jobs. We’ve done our best to make our feature rich websites as affordable as we possibly can, but the thing you need to keep in mind is not the upfront price that you will pay, but how much will your website actually help you to earn? And that is exactly what our websites are designed to do – bring you new customers.

Here’s How It Works?
Tell Us What You Would Like

Tell us what you do and don’t like, and give us some of your own ideas, so we can sketch up the site and send it to you.

All the details
We Design Your
Website For You

We will code up the site for you and then refine it based on your feedback until you’re 100% happy

All the details
We Launch & Kickstart Your SEO

Finally we’ll make your site go live and do our thing to give it a kick-start for Google rankings

All the details

We do all the work for you! You simply select your base design, give us your instructions,
and then sit back and sip a few glasses of champagne and wait for the compliments
to roll in about your beautiful new website.


We will start off with a plain piece of paper and then design your website so that it is exactly what you had in mind and it fits in with your branding. This will be YOUR web design.


There’s a reason why WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. Over 30% of all websites on the Internet are built on
this platform – and your site will be too!


We build your website in a truly responsive fashion to make sure it looks good, regardless of what platform it is being viewed on – whether
it’s a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, your site will look perfect.


Once your website has been completely paid for, you will own it completely. You are free to host the site wherever you want to –
and you can choose who you allow to work on it for you.

Dee Martin

“Highly recommended!!!”

“Hats off to Earl & Squad over at Alchemy Digital Media. I’ve been in business for 4yrs now & I can’t believe in the jolt in business I received after just starting to work with them.

Not only was my website super affordable, it was done in nearly no time & the process that took the longest was my decision making, so I’m very thankful for all the guidance & assistance I received throughout the process!! ”

Dee Martin, SOLiD Real Estate Photography

Chad Saito

“Great Service”

“Alchemy Digital Media’s team provided me such value in creating my website. I had no idea on the process of putting a website onto a domain and getting hosting. Earl and his team guided me through by explaining in great detail the steps I need to take to have a website created, and also provided suggestions on what products I should get to have the site working the best it can.

They are very patient in clarifying my questions even when I didn’t know how or what to ask. Great service, great product thank you Alchemy Digital Media. ”

Chad Saito, 360 Imagination

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

“Because of RE Photographyer… I am PROUD of my website!”

“Because of Re Photographer, my brand feels cohesive, and I am PROUD of my website! For the longest time, I preferred people go to my Instagram because” — Heather

Regina Mallory


“I contacted Earl to get help with building and ranking a website for my photography business. I had a template that I was using from a DIY site builder, but even after going through the SEO steps, my site still wasn’t ranking locally. Getting my new site set up with ADM was a simple, streamlined, professional, and pleasant process.

My site has gone from zero rankings to ranking in the top 3 consistently across a twenty mile radius, resulting in more business inquiries. I love the way my site looks, it’s easy to use, easy to find what my clients need, and looks great. Clients have commented how professional and clean it looks, and I’ve even received compliments on it from other photographers.

I didn’t have much knowledge about building a website and SEO ranking, but ADM was incredibly helpful in walking me through step by step to accomplish what I needed and I would definitely recommend them to businesses looking to get help on their web presence!”

Regina Mallory, Regina Mallory Real Estate Photography

“I would strongly consider Alchemy Digital Media…”

“I highly recommend Alchemy Digital Media if you are looking to get a website built for your real estate photography business! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business so far. They are very professional and worked with me to get my site exactly how I wanted it. They also had a lot of great suggestions for the site which I accepted seeing as it was my first time of creating a website!

If you are on the fence about getting a site or who to go with to build one for you, I would strongly consider Alchemy Digital Media – you will love the end result!”

Cameron Doran, CamProMedia Real Estate Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you’re going to have quite a few questions before you jump in, so we’ve added some of the most frequently asked questions below in order to save yourself some time. If you have a question that we haven’t answered below, and you can’t find the answer inside our website, then please feel free to drop us a line via our Contact Us page, and one of our customer support representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

All of the sites we build use the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder and at the time of writing, well over 30% of all the websites on the Internet are built with WordPress.

Usually the whole process takes around a month, but that will depend on your own response time to questions that may be asked by our team and providing us with your feedback. We take care of everything from designing and building the site, all the way through to adding the content. Of course you can provide us with your own content, but we find that most people just don’t have the time to do that, so we usually put in the base content and allow you to make your own edits in your own time.

Once full payment has been made you completely own the website. We don’t dictate where you host the website, you can choose whatever host you want. And because the site is built on the WordPress free-source platform, it means you have ownership of all the files and folders that have been used to build your site, so you are free to move it to another host any time you wish.

Yes, absolutely you can! You will need to have a domain (along with a hosting company) before we launch your site, so it can be one that you already own, or you can purchase a new one.

No, we’ll take care of that for you! Unlike other templates or website builders you may find on the web, we don’t provide you with a template and then expect you to suddenly become web designers overnight to set your website up to the way you like it. Obviously once you decide you want to have a website, you really want it going live asap so that it can start attracting new clients. So with our system, you select a base design and tell our team what design changes you want and they’ll take care of it all for you…at no extra charge*

*This does not include adding new custom features.

Yes, of course! You are not limited to the pages that we build for you. Even after we launch you will be able to add new pages yourself, and we will provide video tutorials showing you how to do this. We would suggest you let us know all of the pages that you’re going to want initially so we can build those for you though.

Once you have paid for the website we don’t impose any additional charges, so you are free to manage your website yourself, or you can hire us or any competent web designer to manage the site for you. It’s your choice really. We provide free training on the most basic things you will need to do to manage the site e.g. backing up your website, updating plugins and themes, etc., and we’ll show you how to use the page builder to edit your content and add new pages. You don’t need to have web design skills to manage your site once it’s up, but some people simply want to focus on what they’re best at – real estate photography – and let others with more experience manage their sites. We don’t want to handcuff you, so we leave the choice up to you.

If you mean will your website automatically rank in the search engines once it is launched, the honest answer is…”it depends”! Search engine ranking doesn’t only depend on what you do with your website, but it also depends on what the competition is doing to rank their own sites. If there is a lot of competition, as there is likely to be in really large cities like New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc., then your chances of ranking outside of the box diminish quite a bit. If you are in a small town or city where you only have a handful of real estate photographer competitors, then your chances of ranking will increase. We include our own proprietary SEO Boost at no extra charge when we launch your website. This is designed to give your rankings for both your website and your Google My Business listing, if you have one, a nice little kickstart, and you should start to see some rankings showing up in Google within the week. Of course we can’t guarantee it, but at the time of writing, we haven’t built a website that hasn’t achieved this target.

You’re one click away from having a website that’s going to change
the game for you and your real estate photography business.
It’s time to get excited!